This is an especially important year for Parsons Dance, as we have become the beneficiary of an extraordinary donor, Alex Dube, who loved the company and believed in its future, left us with a matching challenge for the company's future: Raise $1 million in contributed income by June 27, 2017and the estate will match it with an additional $500,000. So, please donate to the future of Parsons Dance. 

When this timer hits zero, Parsons Dance will know if that have reached Dube's challenge or if we have not. If we have, we know that wondrous achievement would never have been possible with the passion our audience has for our work and their humbling show of support for our future. Even if we do not complete our goal, demonstration of generosity has inspired us at Parsons Dance to continue performing beautiful dances for our wonderful audience. 



Photos by Lois Greenfield