Swing Shift


Photo by Bill Hebert

Swing Shift, a dance for four couples, celebrates moves popularized by mid-20th century sock hops and swing dancing.  Swing Shift requires dancers to maintain close proximity in order to move intricately about one another.  Swing Shift shifts moods as well as moves, at times uplifting and celebratory; at other times sultry or sensual.

Swing Shift was commissioned in celebration of the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial by the Performing Arts Society of Acadiana; Irvin David in honor of his wife Karin; the Kentucky Center for the Arts, the Lied Center for Performing Arts, a unit of the University of Nebraska; Altria Group, Inc., Parsons Dance’s New Works Fund 2003, and the John A. Sellon Charitable Residual Trust. The original music for Swing Shift was composed by Kenji Bunch.

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